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This section includes the teaching of the Episcopal Church about Holy Baptism, and guidelines for the administration of Baptism at Trinity Episcopal Church. We hope that it will provide an informative and useful introduction for parents, sponsors (godparents), and family members.

If you wish to inquire further about how to arrange for a Baptism at Trinity, please contact the parish office (319)337-3333.


The Book of Common Prayer provides the following directions for the administration of Baptism in the Episcopal Church.

  • Holy Baptism is full initiation by water and the Holy Spirit into Christ’s Body the Church. The bond which God establishes in Baptism is indissoluble.
  • Holy Baptism is appropriately administered within the Eucharist as the chief service on a Sunday or other feast.
  • Each candidate for Holy Baptism is to be sponsored by one or more baptized persons.
  • Sponsors of adults and older children present their candidates and thereby signify their endorsement of the candidates and their intention to support them by prayer and example in their Christian life. Sponsors of young children or infants, commonly called godparents, present their candidates, make promises in their own names, and also take vows on behalf of their candidates.
  • It is fitting that parents be included among the godparents of their own children. Parents and godparents are to be instructed in the meaning of Baptism, in their duties to help the new Christians grow in the knowledge and love of God, and in their responsibilities as members of Christ’s Church.

Holy Baptism at Trinity Episcopal Church follows these principles for the administration of Baptism. Holy Baptism is administered to adults and to the children of parents who are members in good standing of this parish, or of another church. Since Holy Baptism is the commitment of a person to a community of faith, the desire for membership of the baptized is essential. Holy Baptism also involves a commitment by the congregation for the person’s growth and support and is celebrated at a Sunday service. Trinity observes the historical baptismal Sundays: All Saints Sunday, The Baptism of Jesus, Easter, and Pentecost. It is also customary for at least one of the sponsors/godparents to be members of Trinity Church in order to link the baptized and the congregation. To inquire about Holy Baptism, please contact the Church Office.